Dr. Eric Hussey, OD

Dr. Eric Hussey, OD
Full Name
Dr. Eric Hussey, OD
OEPF Title
Vice President
Bio Intro

Dr. Eric Hussey graduated from Pacific University College of Optometry. He is the chair of NW Congress of Optometry and currently serves on the board of OEP as treasurer and as the liaison to the education committee, including the Affiliated Meetings Committee, which includes all of the regional congresses. He has published over thirty papers (almost all peer-reviewed), and he has one in review now. The title of the new paper beginning with “Who’s on First?” may suggest some level of neuro-nerddom.

With one foot in the real world of the clinic and real patient problems, and the other foot in the world of clinical research, he keeps us going toward better and better care of your vision.

Mailing Address

Eric Hussey
Optometry Offices
1116 East Westview Ct Suite A
Spokane , WA 99218
United States