Training Laterality and Directionality

By OEP Foundation (various authors)

From the OEP Vision Therapist Series, this volumes includes chapters: "Training Laterality and Directionality Development", by Anne Barber. O.D.; "Joey...The Little Boy Who Loved the Circus", by Diann Geisert, COVTT; "Introduction to Sensory Integration", by Beth Fishman. O.T.R.; "Suggestions to Parents and Teachers", by Kathy Rutland. COVTT; "The Trampoline and its Benefit for Visual Success", Presentation by Stanley Kaseno, O.D. at the 1985 California Regional Vision Therapist Forum; "Laterality Activities", by Frenacee Coleman, COVTT; "Activities for Directionality Training", by Kathy Rutland, COVTT. Also included: Appendix A for Tests and Appendix B for Activities. Softbound, 96 pages. #ABV080