TOOTIES: LEARNING TO LEARN - How to use Tooties to teach basic learning skills and self-generated learning abilities through movement

By Thea van Eijk-Looijmans

Many of you have used Tooties as part of your therapy regimen for years. Thea van Eijk-Looijmans is an educator from The Netherlands who has worked with Dr. John Hanson, Dr Tooties, for many years and interacted with many others who utilize these strategies in education as well as vision care. Thea has collected and recorded many effective activities that you will most likely find useful in vision therapy.

You will note in the introductory materials that the author and Dr. Hanson state that many of the activities described in this book can be done without the Tooties 'beanbags'. The activity concepts are valid regardless of the materials used to implement them. You will also discover why Tooties are designed and manufactured as they are.

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