Spanish Screener of the Dyslexia Determination Test

Designed by optometrists Garth Christenson, John Griffin, Howard Walton and Graham Erickson

This screener is normed for grades 2 through 12. It is the gold standard in testing for dyslexia and the definitive and validated test as such, first being published in 1981 with three subsequent editions. The DDT provides evaluation of eidetic (visual) decoding skills of sight-word recognition and phonetic (auditory) word attack skills as well as these categories for encoding (spelling) of words and, also, evaluation of motor skills in writing as regards letter reversals. Testing allows for determination of whether dyslexia is present and, if so, the type and severity of it. Theoretical and validation discussions are included with detailed instructions, with sample cases, for testing administration and interpretation. The results can suggest recommendations for specialized educational therapy if dyslexia is found. If dyslexia is ruled out, recommendations for therapy by other professionals can be suggested when there are reading problems.