Neuro-Optometric Rehabilitation

By William V. Padula, O.D.
Formerly titled Behavioral Vision Approaches for Persons with Physical Disabilities, this third edition updates Dr. Padula’s discussion of the behavioral vision/neuro-motor approach to providing directions for prescriptive and therapeutic services for the visually-impaired child or adult, as well as the multiple handicapped and brain-injured patients. The latest research in vision demonstrates that there is a strong and intimate relationship between the visual process and the neuro-motor system. The recognition of a portion of the visual process which has a motor origin opens up an entirely new means by which we can look at performance and behavior. The concept and model presented in this book are an attempt to develop an understanding of the means by which this obscure portion of the visual process affects and is affected by the neuro-motor system. The model emphasizes that the use of lenses and prisms extends beyond basic refractive correction in affecting neuro-motor function through the sensory-motor portion of the visual system. This book recognizes the fact that all successful rehabilitative approaches involve multi-disciplinary actions. Softbound, 240 pages.