Focus Your Mind's Eye

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By H.R. Dawkins and Dr. C. Forkiotis - The case histories in this book are about people who endured devastating health problems, or survived massive accidents, sometimes because of miracle surgery, but found their lives had become nightmares. The problems might be obvious, like blurred or double vision, or more subtle like dizziness, nausea, clumsiness, poor balance and inability to concentrate. Often, as they trekked from doctor to doctor, they were told, "Sorry, that's the way it is, there's nothing to be done". Yet there are solutions. Each case history tells of someone who eventually was helped by an optometrist who specialized in behavioral vision care. Each found immeasurable relief through optometric vision therapy. When you learn how to Focus Your Mind's Eye, health, learning and behavior problems are often eased because hidden vision difficulties are eased. Softbound, 82 pages.