This is a GREAT set for anyone involved with visual learning skills. The Dolch words are the "sight" words necessary for efficient reading.

This set provides the following materials:

632 Dolch Word Flashcards (220 Dolch Sight Words, plus 95 Dolch Nouns in duplicate) perfect for Visual Memory Techniques or games like CONCENTRATION. Plus, as always, several pages of FUN ACTIVITY IDEAS are provided to incorporate with the cards to work on several specific visual skills.

3 Grids of various challenge levels with Dolch Words fantastic for TRACKING SKILLS Training. These grids are printed on heavy-duty cardstock and covered with matte finish Polycarbonate laminate so they are EXTREMELY durable. Plus, on the back of each card are printed FUN ACTIVITY SUGGESTIONS for using the Word Grids in the training of other specific visual skills.

3 Sentence Building Booklets of various challenge levels great for LOADING and COMBINING several VISUAL and LANGUAGE skills.