ICBO International outreach

What is ICBO

Under the auspices of OEPF, every 4 year we strive to bring together an educational and information sharing conference for a community of like-minded organizations, which believes that in working together, they are stronger in supporting the behavioral optometry and vision therapy community worldwide.

ICBO is the general collective name under which these international organizations meet, irrespective of their own identities and structures.

It will not seek to replace or compete with its member organizations.

ICBO's Goals

  • To share information and resources between organizations in the spirit of mutual benefit,
  • To develop strategies and resources to overcome language barriers,
  • To do so in a democratic and collaborative spirit where all member organizations have equal equity and voice,
  • To create an environment to share, learn and develop.


9th International Congress of Behavioral Optometry

14 -18 August 2024 | Ottawa, Canada

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