VT Foundation 2020: Hands-On Therapy Training Course

VT Foundation 2020:
Helps provide Hands-on training and basic background information about Vision Therapy. It is designed to allow a maximum of information to be shared with a minimal amount of time away from the office.
This Course was designed to answer following questions:
How easy is it to find and train Visual Training Personnel?
Foundation 2020 will help give a therapist over 36 hours of education with follow up support and abundant OEPF reference materials.
Foundation 2020 is appropriate for OD’s new to VT, new therapists and for building increased confidence in current therapists.
Most of the theory, an understanding of the visual process, and course follow up support are provided via webinars. (Involve no travel,
lodging, or time away from the office cost.)
Three days of hands on therapy will be provided at the OEPF NEC in the Baltimore area by a master therapist. Even the webinar
will include some hands on experiencing of the visual process. Webinars will be taught both by a senior OEPF Instructor and a master
An access window will allow for review of all the webinar material if needed.
Foundation 2020 is designed to provide a maximum hands on experience with a cost effective eye on the expense to the practice.

Course Details

Course Length
4 sessions over the internet, 3 days Hands-On training
Course Hours