Course Descriptions

Core Clinical Curriculum

Title Hours Days Course Audience
The Art & Science of Optometric Care: A Behavioral Perspective 35 5 Optometrists
Vision Therapy/Visual Dysfunctions: VT1 35 5 Optometrists, Therapists
Vision Therapy/Learning Related Visual Problems: VT2 35 5 Optometrists, Therapists
Vision Therapy/Strabismus & Amblyopia: VT3 28 4 Optometrists, Therapists
Expanding the Scope of Your VT Procedures /VT4 28 4 Optometrists, Therapists

Additional Course Offerings

Title Hours Days Course Audience
Acquired/Traumatic Brain Injury 21 3 Optometrists, Therapists
Advanced Study Group - Continuing Seminar 14 2 Optometrists
Essentials of Behavioral Vision Care 14 2 Optometrists, Non-Optometrists, Staff
Introduction to Behavioral Vision Care 7 1 Optometrists, Therapists, Health Professionals
VT Foundation 2020: Hands-On Therapy Training Course 36 4 sessions over the internet, 3 days Hands-On training Optometrists, Therapists, Health Professionals, Non-Optometrists, Staff
Sports Vision 21 3 Optometrists, Therapists, Health Professionals