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Thank you for supporting the profession through the OEP Foundation!

Image removed.Your donations to the Optometrists Change Lives™ Fund are crucial in helping us raise awareness about the vital role optometrists play in our general health and well being. There are many different ways optometrists change the lives of the patients they see and through our efforts we hope to spread this information globally. The donations made to this fund help us put on informational programs at schools and colleges of optometry, award travel grants to important industry events, produce informational materials to distribute to key audiences, and MORE.

Donations to the Optometrists Change Lives™ Fund have helped us accomplish the following:

- Awarded 10 $500 travel grants to students from 10 different optometry schools to attend the 2013 COVD Annual Meeting in Orlando

- Produced and distributed 2000  Optometrists Change Lives™ calendars  in 2014 and 2500 in 2015.  These calendars showcase 12 different optometric success stories.  

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- Provided complimentary registration for 17 optometry students/residents to attend the 19th Annual Conference on Clinical Vision Care in Memphis in 2014

- Hosted multiple presentations at optometry schools around the US including:

Dr. Susan "Stereo Sue" Barry in person at Pacific University College of Optometry and via Skype at WUCO, Waterloo, Indiana, Illinois, and Incarnate Word. 

Robin and Jillian Benoit - "Jillian's Story" -- live presentations at Incarnate Word, Pacific University, Western University, and NUSOK. Skype presentations at Western, UC Berkeley, SCCO, Incarnate Word, UMSL, ICO, Indiana, SCO, PCO, SUNY, NECO, MCO, and IAUPR.

King Devick live presentations at Western, IAUPR, and MCO

Vision Therapy Q&A Panel at Pacific University with Drs. Dan Lewis, Gabby Marshall, Eric Hussey, Jim Cox, and Rob Lewis

Going Blind - Low Vision event at IAUPR

Dr. Samantha Slotnick at SUNY, Dr. Geoff Heddle at SCCO and SCO, Dr. Charles Shidlofsky at NSUOK,  and RSO, Dr. Eric Weigel at SCO and IU, Dr. Dan Bowersox at IU, Dr. Steve Sampson at IU, Dr. Eric Ikeda at WUCO and SCCO, Dr. Bob Hohendorf at MCO and ICO.


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