Clinical Curriculum


OEPF now offers all its educational meetings live over the Internet, giving participants the possibility to engage in an interactive course from the comfort of their own space. OEPF hereby extends its thanks to its incredible faculty.

Update: OEPF will not issue refunds for cancellations, we will offer a credit towards a future course. 

The international mission of OEPF in teaching the Clinical Curriculum is to improve access to the highest quality vision care for the general public by providing quality, comprehensive, understandable behavioral optometric vision care education.

The OEPF Clinical Curriculum is comprised of 4 core courses which run throughout the year and around the world:

  • The Art & Science of Optometric Care-- A Behavioral Perspective
  • VT1/ Visual Dysfunctions
  • VT2/ Learning Related Visual Problems
  • VT3/ Strabismus & Amblyopia

You can read about each of these courses on our Course Descriptions Page. With the exception of the Art & Science course, which is only open to Optometrists (or the international equivalents), these courses are also open to Vision Therapists.

These "core" courses are then supplemented by additional course offerings in special topic areas such as a VT4 course: what to do when a patient doesn't seem to fit, and courses on Sports Vision, Acquired/Traumatic Brain Injury, Autism, etc. It is preferable before signing up for these additional courses that candidates have followed some of our core courses first. The core courses serve as pre-requisites for the additional special topics courses.

We coordinate with individual practices and other organizations in the U.S.A, not only to bring these courses to our National Education Center, but also to organize them all over the U.S.A. and worldwide. Recently, additional courses are scheduled in Australia, Canada, Europe, Asia and Latin-America.

All courses are taught by the international faculty of OEPF Instructors, all experts in their field. Find out more about our instructors for the Clinical Curriculum on our Faculty page.

To learn more about the OEPF Clinical Curriculum Courses and locations, consult the OEPF Calendar on this website. These listings include a course-specific registration form as well as detailed information for that course such as lodging information, special lodging rate codes, course address, etc. These courses fill well in advance and are space-limited so as to optimize the experience and learning of those attending. 

Please read the qualifications required for each course, in general all courses are open to licensed optometrists. Note: there are special requirements for therapists and occupational therapists. In order for a therapist to attend a clinical curriculum course, the therapist must be working under the direct supervision of an OD, and, the OD must have taken a clinical curriculum course, or attend the course with the therapist. An OT who requests to attend a course, must be working under the direct supervision of an OEPF OD, who has, or is going to take the course with the OT.  The exception to this rule: If the OT is employed through the VA at a VA facility, the OT will be able to attend w/o his/her OD that they are working under supervision with.

OEPF Clinical Associates, as part of their OEPF enrollment benefits, receive discounted registration rates on all OEPF Clinical Curriculum Courses. 

If you are wondering if these courses are "right for you", we invite you to read our Reasons to Consider Taking a Clinical Curriculum Course page. If you'd like, we can also get you in touch with fellow colleagues, who have taken the courses so they can share their experiences and thoughts with you. 

For more information about our courses, we invite you to browse the information pages here on the website or to contact our education office and staff directly:

Call 1-410-561-3791 for more information or Contact OEPF.

All of the materials (including books, pamphlets, diagrams, photographs,
slides, printed documents, computer disks and all information or data
contained therein) and contents provided in all clinical curriculum courses are copyrighted
and owned by the Optometric Extension Program Foundation, Inc.