Case Consultations

An integral part of and a unique service offered to attendees of the OEPF Clinical Curriculum courses are post-course case consultations with the faculty. This is highly encouraged and is often where the principles and concepts taught in the courses get implemented. The proper mechanism is for you to do the following:

  1. Write up your case on the examination form, which was presented in the Art and Science of Optometric Care course
  2. Be sure to include on page 2 lens formulas for each of the alternatives of care.
  3. Be sure to include on page 2 your goals and prognosis for each of the alternatives of care.
  4. Include your contact information on a cover sheet. This should include your phone number and e-mail address. Include a range of times and days to contact you.
  5. Please instruct your staff to expect this call from a faculty member and to have them put the call through when it comes. If you are with a patient let us know and we will either laser in on the key points of the case or schedule a specific time for a more in-depth conversation.
  6. FAX your case write up with any questions you have to 410-252-1719 or e-mail

All cases are to be triaged. Please do not send case consult requests directly to a specific faculty member. We will honor your patient's privacy and hereby agree to obey all HIPAA rules.

FORMS Examination Form (PDF)