About OEPF

The Optometric Extension Program Foundation is an international organization*, founded in 1928, dedicated to the advancement of the discipline of optometry through the gathering and dissemination of information on vision and the visual process.

Our Mission

To advance human progress through research and education on vision, the visual process, and clinical care.

Our Goals

Educate optometrists and their staff in the concepts of clinical vision care.

Educate the public and professionals about:

  • The importance of visual health and hygiene
  • The prevention of visual and ocular problems
  • An understanding of visual development
  • Visual rehabilitation
  • Visual enhancement of vision and the visual process

Encourage research into human vision and the visual process.

Provide education necessary for the discipline of optometry to emerge as an independent profession worldwide.

Develop a cadre of willing and able leaders for the continued support of optometry.

Provide access to instruments, equipment, publications and materials supportive of the discipline of optometry related to the educational mission of the Foundation.

*Organized in the US as a 501C-3 Not For Profit Corporation in the State of California